We exist to provide Mali's vulnerable children a safe and loving environment which fosters their health, learning, happiness, and success.


Our Beginning

ACFA's founder, Kadiatou, was born and raised in the Republic of Mali in West Africa, where she experienced first hand what it feels like being an orphan in that part of the world. 

Kadiatou founded A Child for All in 2008 with the vision of creating a Mali where all children are afforded the tools necessary for a successful future. Thanks to a team of dedicated individuals from Mali and across the world, ACFA Mali Orphanage opened its doors in June of 2010.  Today the orphanage continues to flourish, providing a home for 12 unique children, offering extra classroom hours for our students, in addition to a vast array of extracurricular activities.

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“We believe that education is the single link that will break the chain of poverty.”

— Kadiatou Fatima Sidibe, Founder


A Mali where all children are afforded the tools necessary for a successful future.

Our Vision


Today ACFA Mali is the home for 12 vulnerable children, providing them with the care and attention they deserve. ACFA Mali provides these children with the basic human needs that a child requires, including safe shelter, healthcare, and nutrition, while ensuring quality education and extra curricular activities.

In light of the country’s increased number of displaced children associated with war and rebel activities, ACFA is expanding its capacity by building a new children's complex, the Zorokoro Children Complex, on a 5-hectare (12.4 acre) site in the village of Zorokoro.  

The Zorokoro Children’s Complex will directly and simultaneously support 250 children and 50 adults while also providing healthcare and education to the children and adults of the surrounding villages that otherwise lack these and other services.

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Get Involved

You can make an immediate impact by financially contributing to ACFA's programs such as providing nutritious meals, health care, shelter and education programs. Your contributions are also vital to our growth.

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