Ongoing Campaign

ACFA's children's home in Bamako currently supports the basic human needs of 12 Malian children, providing safe shelter, healthcare, and nutrition, while ensuring quality education.


With Your Support
Our children are able to receive a quality education, participate in extra curricular activities, and live their lives as children their ages should.



Bamako, Mali

Opened Doors

June, 2010




ACFA is an initiative that serves to foster both the happiness and success of the vulnerable children in Bamako. Through our various projects we provide the basic human needs of children, including safe shelter, healthcare, and nutrition, while ensuring a quality education. By linking peoples and communities across the world, ACFA is dedicated to providing the foundation for these children to grow and become empowered to achieve the futures they want and deserve.


What we’ve accomplished:



Safe Shelter

ACFA-Mali is currently the home of twelve vulnerable children in Bamako.  The children attend school, learn skills, play sports, and finally know the stability and caring that was missing from their lives.


Nutrition and Farming

Our live in staff provide for the children’s daily care and development.  ACFA knows that part of maintaining a safe and healthy home is a balanced diet to ensure the children's physical and mental development.  As a primary function of its nutrition program, ACFA will maintain personally grown crops to provide healthy and natural foods to the children of the new complex.  Additionally, the excess crop will be sold, generating income for ACFA’s operations. 





In coordination with the Mail education system, we provide the best curriculum for our children. The standard Malian educational curriculum is supplemented with an added curriculum including arts and crafts, critical thinking skills, English Language instruction and life skills, all conducive to the children’s mental and intellectual development. While  attending  school, children ages 11 and above begin to learn vocational skills such as farming, artisan crafts, and computer training. At 18, students will be encouraged to pursue further education. Each year the top academic performer will receive a scholarship to a university. Others will be hired by partner organizations or issued micro-finance loans to start their own businesses.



Health Care

Following the Primary Healthcare Center of Badalabougou, ACFA-Mali provides the highest available healthcare service to our children. Once the new Zorokoro Children’s Complex is completed, this health care will be brought to the children at an on-site clinic.