Support Two of ACFA’s Top Students for the Year!


For ACFA’s end of the year campaign, we are asking you to support two of ACFA’s top students for their entire next school year. Your contribution will go directly to supporting the needs of these children and will profoundly change the rest of their lives.

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Meet Diakassan!

Hi I’m Diakassan! I am 14 years old and am in the 7th grade. My goal is to be number one in my class this year so I can grow up to be a scientist!

If I could change anything in my life, I would be more tolerant towards my brothers. If I was President, I would take care of the poor, my family and help the orphans.

Diakassan is 14 years old.  She came from a family where there was no breadwinner and none of the children attended school because there was no one to pay school fees.  Diakassan arrived at ACFA in 2011 and was enrolled in school. She is the first child in her family to attend school and consistently ranks in the top three in her class. ACFA offered Diakassan an opportunity to practice the sport she likes: Taekwondo and Fencing.  She has won a collective of 10 medals in both tae kwon do and fencing. This past summer, Diakassan qualified for the regional fencing competition which was held in Algeria and came home with a bronze medal and a monetary award.


Meet Adama!

Hi I’m Adama! I am 16 years old and I love doing scientific inventions, reading, listening to music and playing basketball. I like to think of myself as modest and I want to be a basketball player when I grow up.

Adama and his twin brother Lassine lost their father at a young age.  The twins used to accompany their mother to the Grand Mosque and to the markets of Bamako to beg for food and money.  Forced to drop out of school due to financial strain, Adama was among the 66% of Malian children not attending school.  Adama and Lassine joined the ACFA family in 2010. Adama, who started at the bottom 5% of students in his class, is now among the top 10%.  Both he and his brother are the first ACFA students to pass the national exam and are now attending secondary school.


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Your tax-deductible contribution supports a child living in poverty and empowers that him or her though safety, healthcare, and education,

Your support provides:

  • Medical care and safe shelter

  • Nutritious food

  • Health and hygiene training

  • Quality Education

  • Access to  extracurriculars like Tae Kwon Do, Fencing, and Basketball.


Your contribution goes directly towards giving these children an upbringing that will empower them to become self-sufficient, able to support their own families, and thrive as positive contributors to Mali's economic and social development. 

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