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We've added to our team!

2018 at ACFA started with the recruiting of new volunteers.  For the type of work our organization focuses on volunteers’ support is extremely important. Our children need specific skillsets and we are always looking for talented and skilled professionals to support our efforts of bringing hope to Mali’s vulnerable children.  This year, ACFA welcomes to its team a number of volunteers who collectively bring a wealth of professional expertise and a superb desire to help the organization and the children we work with in Mali.

Meet our new Board Member!

Kristen Cheriegate holds a Master's degree in Security Policy and National Security Law from George Washington University. She was formerly a Guest Lecturer at College of the Canyons in Southern California, and was previously on the Board of Directors for the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area. She has interned for both the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security and the Center for European Policy Analysis. Prior to graduate school, Kristen assisted in operations management and development in Belize for at-risk youth.

Meet our new volunteers!

Brianne Thompson-Martin

Brianne is a Master's student at George Washington University in the Public Administration and International Development program.  She is currently the Assistant Director of Development at The George Washington University School of Business.  Brianne has interned with the Peace Corps and worked with various philanthropic organizations in and around the Washington, DC area and has worked with the Hope International Orphanage. 

Kevin Dunne

Kevin has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Pepperdine University.   Kevin  is the founder and CEO of Logos Risk Management.  He also  works at the Institute for World Politicsin Washington, D.C. and is interested in assisting with ACFA's communications plan. 

Trish Hilliard

Trish is a Doctoral candidate at Argosy University in the Counselor Education and Supervision program.  She currently works with the District of Columbia Department of Behavioral Health.  Trish has worked with youth and adolescents with mental health and substance abuse issues.  She is interested in assisting with ACFA's fundraising and volunteer recruitment activities. 

Jordan Molnar

Jordan has a Bachelor of Business Administration from James Madison University.  Jordan is a business intelligence and systems development professional with four years of experience helping clients derive value out of their data.  He is interested in working with ACFA on finance and accounting. 

Noor Laith

Noor was born in Iraq and was raised in Jordan.  Noor is currently an undergraduate student at The George Washington University working towards a Bachelor's degree in Accounting.  She is interested in volunteering and working with ACFA in various capacities. 

Amira Sine

Amira is currently an undergraduate student at George Mason University working towards her Bachelor's degree in Policy, Government, and International Affairs.  Amira is interested in volunteering and assisting ACFA in various capacities. 

Moriba Diallo

Mo has a Masters in Public Administration from University of Illinois at Chicago.  He was born in Mali and moved to the U.S. when he was 14 years old.  Mo manages client implementation projects for analytics platforms for a major company.  He is fluent in French, English and Bambara.

ACFA is very excited for such great additions to our team and look forward to making 2018 an even more productive year for our children! 

Each of these volunteers brings a unique set of skills that is tremendously important to our mission.  Additionally, thanks to their volunteering, ACFA can achieve cost savings of thousands of dollars.  Our volunteers’ efforts allow us to direct scarce resources to other mission critical efforts. 

Teresa Jones
Diakassan is Pre-selected for Fencing Competition
Diakassan's Fencing.png

Diakassan has huge success in her fencing endeavors!

A few months ago, we told you Diakassan's story. Since arriving at ACFA, Diakassan has excelled in both her studies and her extra curriculum activities. Like so many other children in Mali, Diakassan's family could not provide her with basic human needs such as education, proper nutrition, and health care due to extreme poverty. Many young girls like Diakassan are forced to quit school due to financial constraints. When Diakassan came to ACFA, she barely had two meals a day and was not attending school since there was no one to pay for her fees. ACFA has since give Diakassan the opportunity to attend school and engage in sports programs.

Since coming to live at ACFA, Diakassan has excelled in her studies (earning outstanding grades), received awards for her Taekwondo practice (earning 5 medals in competition to date), and has been pre-selected to perform in a fencing competition in Nigeria!


We're on a mission.

Help us support our kids through to a future they deserve.

Teresa Jones
Board members attend event at African Union Mission in Washington, D.C.
 Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield

Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield

Board members attend event at African Union Mission in Washington, D.C.

On February 28th three ACFA Board members attended a special event “Home Away from Home” in Washington, DC presented by the African Union featuring the Peace Corps, the U.S. Department of State, USAID and the International diaspora Engagement Alliance.  The keynote speaker was Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield who recently retired after a 35 year career with the U.S. Foreign Service and who served as the Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs.  The Honorable H.E. Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, the African Union Ambassador to the U.S., made welcome remarks as did Ms. Katherine Stroker, Deputy Chief Executive Director of the Peace Corps.  It was a very interesting event – especially meeting the panelist who had been a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali.


We're on a mission.

Help us support our kids through to a future they deserve.

Teresa Jones
ACFA Board member moderates panel on Mali at African Union Mission

On March 10, 2018, the Malian Association of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia organized the first of its kind conference organized by Malian citizens to address some of the major challenges that are currently facing their country. The event took place at the Africa Union Mission to the United States in Washington DC and was attended by the Malian civil society, friends of Mali, as well as Malian and Niger government officials. The topic addressed the peace process and the lingering insecurities, the upcoming regional and presidential elections and what measures need to be in place to ensure the elections are not affected by the current insecurities. The event was designed to encourage Malians living outside of the country to participate in the dialogue and help to come up with solutions to address the serious challenges facing their country since 2012. Among some of these challenges is the 2012 coup d’Etat, the difficulties in implementing the peace accord between Tuareg rebels and the Malian government, as well as the issue surrounding the terrorists attacks and their attempts to take over one of Mali’s most ethnically diverse and important regions, hoping to implement their Sharia laws.

The organizers of the conference wanted to use Malian citizens who are well versed in the subject as panelists. The three panelists were Dr. Amadou Cisse, advisor for the World Bank’s board of Directors; Dr. Papa Ntji Coulibaly, English professor at the Prince George’s County, Maryland board of education; and Ms. Kamissa Camara, Sahel Political Analyst and Sub-Saharan Africa Director at Partners Global. Ms. Camara is also Vice President of the Malian Association. ACFA’s own board member, Mrs. Aissatou Sow Thiam moderated the event. Mrs. Thiam is the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of Muso, Senior Consultant International Development in Washington, DC.  She has been involved in the dialogue through different groups, such as Mali Watch, Mali Moving Forward, and the current Mali Affinity group. These organizations give  civil society an opportunity to have an open dialogue with Mali government officials in the United States and make suggestions about policies that could better the current climate in Mali.  The event was also attended by ACFA Board member Fattima Ali.

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Christmas at Zorokoro

For Christmas, the children had the chance to visit Zorokoro and they loved it!

Check out the pictures below:


We're on a mission.

Help us support our kids through to a future they deserve.

Teresa Jones
ACFA Board members attend African Diaspora Investment Symposium

This past January, ACFA Board members, Marley Leitner and Lisa Savitt were privileged to attend the African Diaspora Investment Symposium (ADIS 2018) in Silicon Valley. Our board members were able to meet and network with likeminded entrepreneurs, technologists, educators, innovators, and social leaders from across the globe all working to uplift the African continent by building bridges among Africans, Diasporans, and friends of Africa.

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Newman's Own $500K Holiday Challenge

Over this past holiday season, A Child for All (ACFA) participated in a Newman's Own $500k Holiday Challenge. This was a unique opportunity for ACFA to engage with donors and enter to win additional funds through donation challenges. The challenge ran from November 28th to January 3rd and was sponsored by Newman's Own Foundation, a charitable organization founded by actor John Newman. 

ACFA had a great time participating in the Newman's Own $500K Holiday Challenge.
Through our generous donors we were able to raise $1,500 which put us one step closer to opening the doors to our first dorm in our Zorokoro Children's Complex.

Thank you to all our donors! 

Our goal is to continue working with campaigns such as the Newman's Own Foundation Challenge to help engage with donors and drive the spirit of giving to ACFA. Donations from this challenge will be put towards costs associated with getting the first 25 children into our dorm at the Zorokoro Children's Complex. 

ACFA would appreciate your continued support. Please go to our donation page to donate any amount towards our goal. 

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Combined Federal Campaign

The new year is a great time to make the resolution to help those around you. If you are a federal or government employee, it is easier now than ever to donate to your favorite cause. With over 200 available charities, federal, government, and military services members of the United States can make a tax exempt payroll deduction donation to their charity of choice with the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Each pledge lasts for a year, with open enrollment to choose your charity of choice running from September to January. 

Here's how it works:

  • During the CFC open enrollment period, find the cause that speaks most to you. You can find available charities here.
  • Notify your employer and fill out a pledge form, selecting your donation amount.
  • Each year, fill out a new pledge form to continue your donation status or to choose a new charity. 

A Child for All (ACFA) is currently a participant in the CFC. If you are a US federal, government, or military service member and would like to make ACFA your charity of choice this year, please use our CFC number when filling out your pledge form:


Thank you for your continued support for ACFA. 

If you are not a federal, government, or military service member, please consider donating to ACFA through our website.

Thank You!

Everything we do is only possible with YOUR support. 

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