Diakassan is Pre-selected for Fencing Competition

Diakassan's Fencing.png

Diakassan has huge success in her fencing endeavors!

A few months ago, we told you Diakassan's story. Since arriving at ACFA, Diakassan has excelled in both her studies and her extra curriculum activities. Like so many other children in Mali, Diakassan's family could not provide her with basic human needs such as education, proper nutrition, and health care due to extreme poverty. Many young girls like Diakassan are forced to quit school due to financial constraints. When Diakassan came to ACFA, she barely had two meals a day and was not attending school since there was no one to pay for her fees. ACFA has since give Diakassan the opportunity to attend school and engage in sports programs.

Since coming to live at ACFA, Diakassan has excelled in her studies (earning outstanding grades), received awards for her Taekwondo practice (earning 5 medals in competition to date), and has been pre-selected to perform in a fencing competition in Nigeria!


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