Hear Her Story: Bassan


Astan Doumbia, also known as Bassan is an orphan who came to ACFA after living with her mom on the streets of Bamako, near the Grand Mosque. Bassan was found surviving on the streets by another organization called Center for Listening and Guidance (CAOE), which focus on providing temporary shelters and providing guidance to kids in the streets. After CAOE's initial assessment of Bassan, they determined that she was extremely vulnerable and needed permanent shelter immediately. Bassan's mother was forced into a life begging in the streets to survive and Bassan never knew her father. CAOE referred Bassan to ACFA so that she would be provided with permanent shelter and a receive a proper education.

Early in her time at ACFA, Bassan struggled academically but with some mentoring and tutoring from ACFA staff, she has began to excel both academically and in extra curricular activities. With courage and determination, she ranked first in her class and was selected to the National Junior Tae kwon do team. Since her admission to the ACFA center, she has had no further contact with her mother. All efforts to find her mother including by agents from CAOE have proved unsuccessful. Even though Bassan longs to see her mother, she continues to be a model student at ACFA. She dreams of being a teacher when she grows up so that she can give back what she learns and help other children achieve quality education.

Bassan is much appreciated by the staff at ACFA for her determination and her respect for everyone at the center. ACFA is proud to have her at our center as she continues to be a success story for other vulnerable street children in Mali.


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