Hear Their Story: Adama and Lassine


We are doing bi-monthly stories featuring each of our children, to share each of our special children with our donors. This monthly we are featuring Adama and his twin brother, Lassine are 15 years old boys who lost their father at a young age, leaving their mother to care for them with no means and no support.  To survive, the children’s mother begged for food in front of the big mosque in Bamako.  From time to time, the children’s mother would be seen accompanied by both boys, as they all begged for food.  Like all of ACFA’s children, Adama and Lassine were found and recruited by CEAO, a partner agency at Bamako’s District Maire’s office.  They were 8 years old when they were found.  The two boys came in contact with ACFA in 2010. ACFA conducted an assessment of the children’s situation, revealing that they had not attended school, because they did not have the means. However, as soon as they were accepted at ACFA, Adama and Lassine enrolled in school and they have been performing well since.  Both boys are in the 9th grade and play basketball.  The boys are very respectful, especially Adama, who is loved by all the basketball trainers at the center where he plays (The Elytes of Badalabougou).  Adama’s trainers report that he is one of the best players at the center.  Both Adama and his brother, like all of the children at ACFA, have excelled and are in a much more empowering and nurturing environment since joining the ACFA family.  ACFA provides a safe and stable environment where the children don’t have to worry about where their next meal comes from or where they would sleep at night.  Adama and his brother are no longer begging for food and they are finally able to be children and receive the education and care they deserve.

Teresa Jones