Mali’s Minister of Economy, Finance and Budget Visits D.C.

Spring of 2016

On a visit to Washington D.C., Mali’s Minister of Economy, Finance and Budget, attended IMF and the World Bank’s Spring Meetings.  Meeting with leadership of both institutions discussions ventured on the progress of the latter’s interventions in Mali and some regional programs. The Minister took this opportunity to reinsure all partners on the efforts Mali is making to stabilize the country’s situation, and the transitional government’s commitment to organize Presidential elections in July of this year. The Minister re-iterated the same to other partners whom he has met during his stay in the National Capital.

Meeting with Diaspora under the hospice of the Ambassador Al Maamoun Keita, the Minister provided fresh news from Mali. According to the Minister, Military is still engaged with terrorists in the North. In the meantime, the Government and all stakeholders are discussing ways to ensure fair and transparent elections in July. The good news is that most partners have or are in the process of reestablishing their cooperation with Mali.  Fortunately, ACFA’s activities have never stopped, including the Zorokoro Complex Project which is on track for a completion this summer. This project will enable to support more vulnerable children.

The United States’ authorities have pledged to support Mali in organizing elections which will lead to reestablishing full cooperation.

Teresa Jones