We've added to our team!

2018 at ACFA started with the recruiting of new volunteers.  For the type of work our organization focuses on volunteers’ support is extremely important. Our children need specific skillsets and we are always looking for talented and skilled professionals to support our efforts of bringing hope to Mali’s vulnerable children.  This year, ACFA welcomes to its team a number of volunteers who collectively bring a wealth of professional expertise and a superb desire to help the organization and the children we work with in Mali.

Meet our new volunteers!

Brianne Thompson-Martin

Brianne is a Master's student at George Washington University in the Public Administration and International Development program.  She is currently the Assistant Director of Development at The George Washington University School of Business.  Brianne has interned with the Peace Corps and worked with various philanthropic organizations in and around the Washington, DC area and has worked with the Hope International Orphanage. 

Kevin Dunne

Kevin has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Pepperdine University.   Kevin  is the founder and CEO of Logos Risk Management.  He also  works at the Institute for World Politicsin Washington, D.C. and is interested in assisting with ACFA's communications plan. 

Trish Hilliard

Trish is a Doctoral candidate at Argosy University in the Counselor Education and Supervision program.  She currently works with the District of Columbia Department of Behavioral Health.  Trish has worked with youth and adolescents with mental health and substance abuse issues.  She is interested in assisting with ACFA's fundraising and volunteer recruitment activities. 

Jordan Molnar

Jordan has a Bachelor of Business Administration from James Madison University.  Jordan is a business intelligence and systems development professional with four years of experience helping clients derive value out of their data.  He is interested in working with ACFA on finance and accounting. 

Noor Laith

Noor was born in Iraq and was raised in Jordan.  Noor is currently an undergraduate student at The George Washington University working towards a Bachelor's degree in Accounting.  She is interested in volunteering and working with ACFA in various capacities. 

Amira Sine

Amira is currently an undergraduate student at George Mason University working towards her Bachelor's degree in Policy, Government, and International Affairs.  Amira is interested in volunteering and assisting ACFA in various capacities. 

Moriba Diallo

Mo has a Masters in Public Administration from University of Illinois at Chicago.  He was born in Mali and moved to the U.S. when he was 14 years old.  Mo manages client implementation projects for analytics platforms for a major company.  He is fluent in French, English and Bambara.

ACFA is very excited for such great additions to our team and look forward to making 2018 an even more productive year for our children! 

Each of these volunteers brings a unique set of skills that is tremendously important to our mission.  Additionally, thanks to their volunteering, ACFA can achieve cost savings of thousands of dollars.  Our volunteers’ efforts allow us to direct scarce resources to other mission critical efforts. 

Teresa Jones