Our Programs


Safe Shelter

Located near the Niger River in the capital city of Bamako, ACFA-Mali is the home of Malian vulnerable children. Our live-in staff care for the children on a daily basis. We are blessed with volunteers who eagerly come on a daily basis and help our staff in caring for the children.



Nutritious Meals

A healthy balanced diet is essential to the children’s physical and mental development. Our staff lovingly prepare and distribute our children’s meals on a daily basis.



Health Care

In coordination with the Primary Healthcare Center of Badalabougou, ACFA-Mali provides the highest available healthcare service to our children.




Education is a very important component of ACFA’s strategy. It is the way by which we intend to break the chains of poverty. In coordination with the public education systems in Mali, we provide the best curriculum for our children. The standard Malian educational curriculum is supplemented with an added curriculum including arts and crafts, critical thinking skills, English lessons and life skills, all conducive to the children’s mental and intellectual development. Study time is built into the schedule. Our children now attend private schools.  While still attending  school, children ages 11 and above begin to learn vocational skills such as farming, artisan crafts, hair braiding, carpentry, motorbike repair and computer training. At 18, students will be encouraged to pursue further education. Each year the top academic performer will receive a scholarship to a university. Others will be hired by partner organizations or issued micro-finance loans to start their own businesses using skills that they have learned from age 11 to 18.