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A Child For All aims to take vulnerable children exposed to hunger, drugs, prostitution, robbery and criminal activities off the streets and give them a home with caring staff, food, health care, education and much more. 

We want to see these children through an upbringing that will empower them to become self-sufficient, able to support their own families, and thrive as positive contributors to Mali's economic and social development. 


Founded in 2008, ACFA is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization.
(EIN/tax ID number: 26-2329486)

Vulnerable Children in Mali, Education, Poverty

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Your tax-deductible monthly contribution will provide ongoing support for our children's daily activities and empower them to achieve the future they deserve.


Please use AmazonSmile for all of your Amazon purchases. A portion of your purchase will go to support ACFA. Use EIN: 
26-2329486 to find us!

If you are a federal employee, you can support ACFA through the Combined Federal Campaign program.

Our CFC donation code is: 47252


For One ACFA Child:


$550 Nutritional food for one year.


$277 Clothing and toiletries for one year.


$427 Educational needs including school supplies and tuition for one year.


$71 Healthcare costs including vaccines and malaria prevention for one year.


$87 Expenses for sports activities for one year.


$841 Caregivers' salaries for one year.


$692 Costs of maintaining home in Bamako for one year.


$52 Entertainment costs including special events.